Wanted Poster

The brief was to take a man’s image and make him look like Pancho Villa in a wanted poster.


American Football Mashup

The idea was to take a house and restyle it to look like the cover of the self-titled album of the band, American Football. This iconic image was tempting to redo.


Scream Mashup

The brief was to take an image of a surprised woman and create the imagery and atmosphere of the movie, Scream. The eyes in the original image were looking straight ahead, so I “moved” them to look at the figure outside. The image was used in social media.


The brief was to render a photograph in the style of a scene from the movie, Scream.

Two Women in 1920’s Paris

The idea was to insert contemporary women’s faces onto a vintage image, essentially allowing them to travel back in time. A mauve filter was added for artistic effect. The image was used in a birthday project.


Mad Pooh

The idea, obviously, was to mash-up Winnie the Pooh with Mad Max. The challenge was to clone out the original figure while keeping the same coloring style and creating a shadow to match the original. I darkened the image to make the printing show up on a shirt.


“Tommy Ray Vaughn”

A fun mashup of a guy and his idol. The challenge was to blend in Tommy’s face and get the coloring to match the sepia of the original.

A friend really likes Stevie Ray Vaughn so I mashed him up.