Social Media Memes

Here’s just a few samples of images created for sharing on social media:


Remove Photo Bomber and Other Changes

The brief:

To alter an image of a couple to include a change of colors, replacing some objects and eliminating the person in the background.


I used masking to isolate the t-shirt and alter the color. I tried to keep the color in line with the original tone. I removed the person in the back while rebuilding the background. I also replaced the rubber bracelet with a watch and removed the cigar and moved the fingers to a natural position. I also fixed up the hair and makeup on the woman and gave the image a more vibrant tone.

Image Composition for Food Site

The brief:

To unite images of plates of food onto one background for a responsive website. The plates needed to be transparent .PNGs and used as individual objects in the web template, placed over an area that would have a repeating tile for the background. In other words, all of the elements are individual but would appear as a single photo on a website, to look like this:

The process:



  1. I started with the original images of food on plates and isolated them by using Photoshop’s pen tool, drawing points around the plates and creating a path around them.
  2. After isolating them, i gave them all the same drop-shadow, matching the one in the photographs.
  3. I sourced a wood repeating tile that had a similar grain and structure as the original and did some coloring and shading enhancements to match the original as much as possible. This tile was used as the repeating background.

Photo Composition Redo

The brief:

To rearrange items in a photo to create a better composition for use as a responsive image for a website.

Picture of table with food
The final result
Table with food
Photo before editing

The process:

Responsive images become cut off or zoomed into when browsers are at different sizes. This image got zoomed into the center, where there is a surprising lack of dishes. So moving the dishes into the middle ensured food is viewable at all times. Since most of the food was placed at the edges of the photo, only portions of the plates were available for use. I isolated and then copied the partial plates and positioned the extra pieces to form whole plates and fixed the patterns and food in the middle. I then added shadows to match the original image and found and colored a new wood background piece to act as a new table, as there wasn’t enough wood in the original to clone. I also isolated the spice jar and spilled spice as well as the basil leaf. I left out some objects if they would not have made sense in a new position.


Keyboard Cat gif redo

I made this for someone as a joke:


It was a challenge to match the font on the original. I used Photoshop to insert my replacement layers into the original.

Wanted Poster

The brief was to take a man’s image and make him look like Pancho Villa in a wanted poster.


American Football Mashup

The idea was to take a house and restyle it to look like the cover of the self-titled album of the band, American Football. This iconic image was tempting to redo.


Scream Mashup

The brief was to take an image of a surprised woman and create the imagery and atmosphere of the movie, Scream. The eyes in the original image were looking straight ahead, so I “moved” them to look at the figure outside. The image was used in social media.


The brief was to render a photograph in the style of a scene from the movie, Scream.

Two Women in 1920’s Paris

The idea was to insert contemporary women’s faces onto a vintage image, essentially allowing them to travel back in time. A mauve filter was added for artistic effect. The image was used in a birthday project.


Mad Pooh

The idea, obviously, was to mash-up Winnie the Pooh with Mad Max. The challenge was to clone out the original figure while keeping the same coloring style and creating a shadow to match the original. I darkened the image to make the printing show up on a shirt.