Image Composition for Food Site

The brief:

To unite images of plates of food onto one background for a responsive website. The plates needed to be transparent .PNGs and used as individual objects in the web template, placed over an area that would have a repeating tile for the background. In other words, all of the elements are individual but would appear as a single photo on a website, to look like this:

The process:



  1. I started with the original images of food on plates and isolated them by using Photoshop’s pen tool, drawing points around the plates and creating a path around them.
  2. After isolating them, i gave them all the same drop-shadow, matching the one in the photographs.
  3. I sourced a wood repeating tile that had a similar grain and structure as the original and did some coloring and shading enhancements to match the original as much as possible. This tile was used as the repeating background.